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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 7, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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3& hhrd cash can be yyurs!we ddaw - freebruary contest... ttmorrow on fox45 mornnng news. 3 3 we're kind of on the foreeront of annther ciiil rights debate debaae 3 the boyscouts.. delay their decision.. on their ban on gay meebers..he reason bbhind thh move... and when they'll now vote on whether or not to uphold the ban. 3 26::6-26-18"i'm nervous and i don't know why" why"and... find out if emilyy gracey s havvng a boy or a girl.... we reveaa the geeder in just 45 miiutes. 3 3 &p3 3 3 thursday,
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3 february 7th, 2213 3
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3 3 a jury finds mmchael johnson águiltyá of kklling phylicia bbrnes.she diapeered back in 20-10 while visiting famill here ii baltimore. baltimore.megan gilliiand is liveefrom the mitchell courthouse with reaction from the barnes famill. 33 good morning guys, he barnes fammly walked out of this courthouse... wwih a seece of peace... served phy can sleep now (nat
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pop of woman in tan jacket praiiing god) goo) the familyyalways suspecced it was michael 3 year old honor's &pbelieved johnson fooced himself on ppylicia... aad then straaglld heerbecause she -3 wouldn't top cryinn.months later, her body was found floating mong debrissnear the -3 conwingo dam. how it got there... prosecutors could neveerexplain but they cculd point to several inconsistancies in johnson's the end... the jury found johnsoo guilty of 2nd degree murder. as the barnes membbrs thanked ttose who investigated the casee.. up phe street... ichael johnson's father... sharedd -& wiih us his disappointment. p3 1127:24 i'm sure you were expecting a differrnt outcome today ? yes we were but it is what it is and we stiil feell johnson is not guilty.:34 22 this week... is oo looking at spending dozens of 200h.but johnson's defense is planning
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to appeaa. &p&&pthe testimony... they say had -3 no credibilitt.coming up next 3 mitchell courthouue, i'm megan gglliland, fox45 morning news. 3 a 33-yearrold man is charggd &pwith fatally stabbing a -3 pikesvvlle mother... while tto ccildren were inside the aparrmentt apartment. investigattrr say the two children were not hurr... but he victim... katie hadel... is eaa after being stabbed multiple times. after a manhunt that stretched several ours... pooice found the suspect and 3 (kim boyd)(heavy sigh...) "my heart just goes outtto her cause oh god i just llve children and its just witness someehing like that its traumatic.. ya know...." " police say one child was the vvctims daughtee.the other noo facing charges of first degree murdee. 3 police release the name of the
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teenager who died... aterr being stabbed just a few bloccs away from thh raven's super bowl victory cellbrations. &pcelebrations.15-yeaa-old - deontae mith was killed pattersonnhigh school in - southeast baltimoreofficials to help his classmates deal with deontae's deatt. & 3 "it felt, it somewhat felt like a little it offsaaness & because of the faat what we weren't xpeeting someeody outt pf our school ody and out of patterson to be one offthe people that being killed on phe streeessof baatimore." who were stabbeddtuesdayy happened at the intersection of howard and mcddnald' far no suspectt has been iientified. 3 pays after the ravees victory parade... videos are popping up online thaa show fans going po great lengghs to take part in thh cellbration. celebration.this clip showss people scaling the fences at m-and-t bbnk stadium.that's -3 after the fire marshal cllsedd
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oof the stadium... once itt rrached capacity.other vvdeos fann storming the gates and trying to ut-muscle eccrity &pguardd to gain personnwe spoke o said there was a lootoffconfusion outside thh gates. 3 melina kkrine mclean, baltimore: 6.22 "they need to put moreedettils like ou need to get here by a this time, orr3 people n, nd maybe make sure those gaaes are more strongly reinforced ." ."ravens running back rry rice soundeddoff on the issue on &pfacebook.heewrote that those people wwo allegedly trampled ccildrennto get into tte celebration should be "ashamedd.he also went on to pay "it's just football". 3 senatorssbarbara mmkulski and ben cardin aae ollecting on bees they waged foo the super bowl. bowl.thee will reap what ttey call a "san francisco feast" on tuesday from callfornna & senators, barbaraaboxer and dianne feinsteinnthe senators wagered ssgnature tems from their homestates.mikullki and
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cardin will enjoy dungeness -3&pcrabs, napa valley wine, sourdough bread anddnorthern california cheeses.haa the &p49ers won.. california delegation would have enjoyed &pcrab caaes, berger cookkes, & heavy seas beer and a can of hairssray. 3& a year-old girl in mexico... gives brtt o & anotter child. child.birth to another child. child.child. & child.on wednesday... the - pooher and child were releaaed in the are f the giil's -& officials say the ggrl will need extensive follow-up visits... & beeause ffhow young she ii. the aleged ather ii a 17-year-old oy... who left the area aater theechild was porn. the state attorney into whetter the case should pe legaaly considered child sex abuse or rape. 3 it has built-in wifi, smartphone apps.....and i & will park the car for you! pw're not talking about aa hotel, or valet parking.... insteaa, it could be your nnw vehicll.
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vehiile. joel d. smith is at & the otor trend international auto show at the convention center with the latest innovatioossthat could be in your ccr soon. good & morning joelld. d. 33 3
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3 in less than a half--ouu... we'll be picking the name of a perroo who cculd win a cool -& 100 dollars. 33 to get your name n the box...gooto facebook dot ccmmslash
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read comppete contest rules. 3 ((break 1))
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3 3 33 & 3-- 3 3
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3 3 -3 33 we're making - theeb-moreeheelthy expo 3 saturddy, ebruarr 23rdd can get health screenings... see 3 sttgessof áliveá entertainment... a fit and fun kids zooe....and uchh much mmre.the b-more healtty &pexpo starts at 10 a-m at the bbltimore conventionnceener on febbuary 233d.we'll see yyu ttere! still to come... th battle lines are drawn over the boy scouts' ban on gays. boyy scouts wiil decide on lifting theeban. emill ad-libss
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3 3 the beach isn't just ffr the &psummmrrime anymore.emmly graceyyis oad trippin' down to rehoboth beach... where - thee'reegetting ready for -3& valentine's day. dayy
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3 one lucky couple 3 is etting married... on us... and you gettto deccde whh it is! is!it's our wedddng in a weee get to decide which of our 4 finalist & couples win aafree wedding. they'll gee married live on foxx4 morning news next friday. -3 go to ffxbaltimore ddt com to pead all the entries and vott - for your favorite. 3 ccming up...emily will be back in tte next half hour. hour.what's she's learning about her pregnancy t the doctor's office... and inside the fox 45 sttdioo. & thh heat's on thh boy scouts over thhir bbn on gay meebers. whhn the scouts will decide he &pfate of thhir policy. 3 ((break 3)) -3
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3 3 conservvtivv leaders and boy scouttmembers are standing up in support of a longgstanding gay ban. & even though, eerllee this week
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&pa petitiinnwith one-point-four million signatures calleddfor an end to the anti-gay pooicy. a spokesperron says he organization will consulttwith sectors of the scouting movement and prepare a resolltion to be voted on -3 pomeeime in may.. ainsley more. 3 phe boy scouts of america has eetered the 3pnaaional spotlight.bill helfand/houstonncivil rights attorneywe're kind of on the forefront of another civil -3 rrghts debate the &porganiiation isswooking tt decide if ttwill eass its & policyyof excluding gays as scouts and adult leaders. 3 phis week, but the groop has decided to ostpone its decision.jonaahan aenz / president, texassvalues:"they lot of people are upsst that they are even considering making a change // we're hoping they will do whattthey did six or seven months agoo reasonnto make a change."chris hill //scoot leeder:"iim so thaakfullthat we livv in a right o isagree. ut we ask &pyou to respect our right to uphold the aauee that we have
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years." scoutiig leaders chose to delay their pccmppeeity of this iisue. psome suggest the postponemeen - is just forrality.jennifer tyrelll/ former scout leader: "i'm confident that we're doubt whatsoover. the delay is the white house is once again - sppaking out, reiteratinng president obama's view on the issue.jayycarney/ white house believes thh boy scouts is a valuable orgaaization that has & elpeddeducate and uild -3 character n mmricannboys for as you know, opposes discrimination n all forms." a large majorrtt & of all scout units re pppnssred by eligious denominations, ho support the ban. some conservaaives, including rrligiius leaders have warned of mass defectionn if the ban is evvn partiilly eased. in new york, ainsley earhardt, foxxnews. 3 pooing up... inn littte less & than 10 minutes... we'lllbe prawing the name f the lucky person who could win a 100-dollar ppize in our free- pruary giveaway. giveaway. to -33 get yyur name in the box.. go to faccbook dot com slash foxbaltimore and fill out the can lso go there to
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